SG Group was primarily established to help the meet the need of petroleum based products of the rapidly growing economy of Nepal and India. Established in 1996 as a single gasoline station, the group has expanded far beyond its traditional fuel station operation to diversified multi-million dollar business ranges which includes LPG bottling, fuel transportation supply, renewable hydropower energy, automobiles, construction, agribusiness, education, broadcast media and consultancy. The group’s core business has expanded all over Nepal with 63 different companies and a total workforce of more than 1000 employees.

The key mantras of SG Group’s success have always been high levels of expertise in our operations, technological innovation and a dedicated workforce that strongly identifies with the core ideologies of the company. This is how we are able to serve our customers through all our ventures and we strongly believe these key strengths will take our group to the next level and beyond.

SG Group has emerged as a respected parent conglomerate of petroleum product trading subsidies in Nepal and India. By offering superior quality of products and services and forming strong strategic partnerships and corporate relationships, our group is well positioned to offer its customers innovative fuel and energy supply solutions. In a region where oil production is almost non existent, SG Group and its subsidies have earned the respect and confidence of customers and institutions for meeting the demand of petroleum products amidst a growing economy. We have demonstrated the proven ability to extend logistics, distribution centered operations of petroleum and other products / services to support the vital economic engine.