History of SG Group

Mr. Shiva Prasad Ghimire, the founder of the group, established the group back in 1996. In its early days it operated as single gas station with the name Syarsekali Oil Distributors Traders in Itahari, the eastern part of Nepal. Today the station has become the largest fuel supplier in eastern region of the country. Sooner within a year of establishment it became evident to the company that in order to maintain relentless quantity and quality supply to meet the demands of consumers, the company would have to diversify and add assets.

Starting next year in 1997 and up until 2002 the group started added oil transportation truck tankers (TTs) to its arsenal. By the end of 2002 the TT fleet had grown to 80 in number. The group had also added numerous gas stations in different part of the country including Itahari city, Kathmandu and Amlekhgunj.

In 2003, as a part of its diversification, it entered the broadcast media business with the establishment of Saptakoshi FM radio in association with other businessmen in Itahari. In 2004 the group expanded its broadcast media division with the inception of Nepal FM in Kathmandu. Mr. Shiva Prasad Ghimire was entrusted as the founding chairman of the company.

In the year 2005, Mr. S.P. Ghimire became the national president of Nepal Petroleum Dealer’s Association which was another very important event in the history of the group. Also in the same year Nepa Petroleum Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. was setup in Sunsari. It was established with the bold step to initiate Nepal’s first private fuel storage depot. Further diversification of the business led the group to start the manufacture of Kattha / Cutch in Sunsari in 2008 after carefully scrutinizing the demand of the product in foreign market in order to contribute towards the import based economy like Nepal.

The group in a short span of time increased investments in diverse sectors like LPG, automobiles, service, agriculture, energy and manufacturing, eventually establishing itself as a prominent business group of Nepal.