Corporate Social Responsibility

We engage in numerous social activities as an honest corporate citizen. Besides environmental protection and safety efforts we contribute in building local communities better. We believe stronger communities lead to strong society and stronger society contributes to stronger socio-economy of nation.

  • The group has helped 7 star club of Pakali, Sunsari and providing them with free office space for their daily activities. The group has also supported community efforts of the club such as blood donation program and sports tournaments.
  • The group had provided the statue of Lord Shiva to Pashupati Mandir of Pakali, Sunsari.
  • The group has entirely constructed the temple of Ghimire Kalyan Parisad of Biratnagar.
  • Sugam Gas Udhyog, Dhading, has contributed in the construction of Machindra School, Naubise, Dhading.
  • Prima Gas Udhyog has taken the responsibility of providing all the cooking gas required at an old age home at Itahari.
  • Everest Gas Udhyog, Chalnakhel, Kathmandu has been paying salary of one staff at Primary Health Care Centers of Chalnakhel.
  • Everest Gas Udhyog has been actively supporting sports and youth activities at Chalnakhel, Kathmandu.